Connective Tissue Graft

Common reasons for recession include a previous history of orthodontic therapy, excessive toothbrushing, or gum disease. Our periodontist may recommend a connective tissue graft to help correct missing gum tissue at our office in New York, New York.

What To Expect

What Is a Connective Tissue Graft?

A tissue graft is a restorative surgical treatment designed to “graft” (attach or implant) soft tissues in the body. Connective tissue grafts are commonly obtained from the roof of your mouth and used to replace missing gum tissues in other areas of your mouth.

Why a Connective Tissue Graft?

Connective tissue is vital for the functionality of your mouth. It can help cover teeth roots that have been exposed due to periodontal gum recession, manage peri-implantitis issues (a condition that happens when the soft tissues of the gums become infected and sunken around a dental implant) and address ridge augmentation difficulties, among other surgical applications.

What To Expect:

Dr. Li wants you to have success with your smile. To make this goal a reality, our periodontist and team will make a detailed treatment plan and discuss it with you, so you have the opportunity to ask questions and know what to anticipate during every phase of treatment and recovery. Your healing time may vary depending on your particular needs and we will provide you with specific instructions on diet and post-op so that your graft is as successful as possible!

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